If my friends were chocolate bars

There’s a blog I stumbled across last night that now I can’t seem to find again. But I loved it. The blogger was a chocolate bar wrapper obsessee and she had lots of pictures of pretty chocolate wrapping.

I was amused by wrappers for this chocolate with tea. The descriptions of each bar remind me of my friends.

I think Amy would be coconut green tea cos she had a tropical feel about her and is luscious and deep.

Sheels would be herbal chai. She’s exotic, spicy and has many layers to her personality.

Mel is pomegranate white tea. She has a zesty, rich & refreshing persona.

And Donna would be white tea. Warm, inviting and surprising.

I think Alissa would be a combo. Maybe a coconut, white tea chai with a pomegranate on the side :).  She’s deep, layered, refreshing and surprising.

2 thoughts on “If my friends were chocolate bars

  1. I’m happy with that! very fancy! Thought u were going to go with regular choccie bars…Donna could be a boost cos she boosts u up ames could be an aero cos she’s bubbly and I could be a curly wurly cos of my curly wurly hair :) although, maybe I should be a flake?! X

  2. oh Neen, I love that. clever and flattering! aren’t you lovely. I’ll make up my own for you; “Orange Zing Green Tea” because you’re refreshing, a little zany, a little mellow and a whole lot of fun!

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