Along came Gavin

Back in 2008, I had just come home from a holiday in China when Donna told me that she had some exciting news. When I went to visit, she said that she’d met a lovely boy.

While Kebabs was talking about this new boy, I mentally ticked off all the criteria in my head.
Tall –tick
Funny –tick
A good listener –tick
Caring –tick
Supportive –tick
Big bear hugs –tick
Likes sport –can’t be helped, he is after all a boy
Likes jazz music – tick
Lives in Melbourne – WTF? CROSS! 

Donna kept talking and I sat there thinking ‘MELBOURNE”??? But I don’t live in Melbourne. Melbourne is far away.

Then I tuned back into the conversation and realised that Donna’s face was alive and sparkling and she looked like she was about to burst with happiness.

So I decided that if this guy was making her so happy, then I’d have to allow her to move to Melbourne, if that’s what it came to.

And sure enough, about 7 months later, that’s what happened. And now they married, pregnant, and about to start living happily ever after. I guess you can do that in Melbourne too.

Luckily Victoria is a great place to visit. And luckily, Donna was right about Gavin. He really is a lovely, funny, caring guy that brings a spring to her step and a twinkle to her eye.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter where they live. Donna is one of those people who would go to end of the world for you. And I without a doubt would do the same for her.