All sorts of randomness tonight

So right now Ian’s out with Jay at a Metallica concert and I’m spending some time with me, myself and I.
I’ve done the washing, most of the cleaning and now I’m perusing the interwebs.
Here’s the most random pictures I’ve come across this evening.
It’s a strange world out there peoples.

First up….I think overdosing on wall paper like this would surely cause instant claustrophobia. How could one possibly live in this space? Just stumbling across this photo made my heart start to pound and my palms sweat.

Next up.
Blue cake.

This chic has eyes tattooed onto her back! Personally I prefer to look at people with my real eyes but whatever floats your boat I guess.


I don’t know what it is with animal photographers. They always have to try and make them look human. But I love it.

Perfectly nice flowers shot in some weird ass way. Now look like they are dying a horrible, droopy death. It just seems mean.

A random little toy with glasses so oversized that I know he will be considered an outcast amongst his friends.
Amy told me that she thinks I’ll end up being a person who looks after all the toys no one likes. It’s true. I see little guys like this and I want to shelter him from the teasing he has no doubt endured. Hmmm. Maybe I’m the one who’s strange.

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