Boy oh boy

I am about to write something that might make me sound pretentious. Or stupid. But I’ll write it anyway.

I don’t really like blockbuster movies. And special effects are lost on me.

There. I said it.

I just find with the whole big budget, special effect bizzo that once I’ve seen the preview, it kind of feels like I’ve seen the film. I prefer movies where there are characters I can fall in love with and who I am sad to say good bye to when the movie is over. I also love a quirk factor. I guess that can all happen with blockbusters too but it’s pretty rare.

On Monday I saw an advanced screening for a gorgeous film called Boy. And I fell in love with Boy. Then felt sad to say goodbye to him when the movie finished. And there was definite quirk. So for me, it ticked all the right boxes.

So here’s the plot. Boy is obsessed with two people. One is Micahel Jackson and the other is his Dad who has been ‘away’. Boy makes up all these excuses for where his Dad is and what his Dad is like….but the reality is that he’s in jail for a robbery.

So after seven years, his Dad comes home and Boy and his brother Rocky start to recreate a bond of sorts. Boy realises that his Dad isn’t everything he wants him to be and he doesn’t want to grow up to be like him after all.

The storyline is slightly cliché but the delivery is charming.

This move is apparently the highest grossing locally produced movie in NZ and is now the 10th highest earning movie of all time in NZ. Sweet!

How would I rate it? Funny, quirky, unmissable. I want more of this gorgeous Maori kid!!

PS – Stick around till the very end for a bit of a thrill :)

One thought on “Boy oh boy

  1. Not pretentious at all! Maybe I am saying that cos I completely agree with u! I do like the escapism of Hollywood but I am not a fan of movies packed with cgi (that’s the correct term right?!) and never seem to understand the hype surrounding alot of the movies from the last decade.

    And although I would never say never, I have managed to live my entire 31 years without an elfin ring, blue tail or Jedi involved! Long may this continue:)

    boy looks and sounds beautiful. Will have to go see it.

    Muse on, you pretentious being :)

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