It’s the little things

I spend far more time than I should trawling through photography blogs. And for me, fine art is my favourite style. I think it’s because the photos act as a beautiful reminder to delight in simple things.

Irene Suchokci and Alicia Bock are my long time favourite fine art photographers. When I look at their work, I really feel the soul of the beautiful places that they shoot.

I also have a new favourite and her shots are so divine that I just HAD to blog about them. Introducing Amelia Kay fine art photographer extraordinaire!

I want to jump into her photos Mary Poppins style and step around, smell the flowers, enjoy the little creatures she shoots (with her camera).  Her photos have such unbelievable beauty – such perfection.

It’s so easy to forget to delight in the simple things. Sometime I think we end up trying to milk joy out of those things that are supposed to make us happy.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all remembered to tap into the joy that’s always present in the world.