Happy days

There’s lots of things in life to be happy about. Here’s some stuff that’s made me smile lately:

Everything about Ian
Green & Blacks organic chocolate
Alissa’s Europe photos
Blue mascara
Noodles with Monique at Ichi Ban Bochi
Peppermint tea
Dinner club with Mr & Mrs Williams two Tuesdays in a row
Good coffee
Leigh and David
Sunny days
Movies with the A team
Catching up on sleep
Text messages from Sheela
Being told I have to take 14 days of leave before December
Reading Melly’s blog
Nick Hornby’s books – what a witty writer
Spending time with my cousins
Google reader
Seeing Lisa and Amelia
Cute gold necklaces from Diva
Cooking with my Mum
Bourke St Bakery
My darling Donna Kebabs