Vitamin D deficient

Have you seen the latest Hamilton Island advertising campaign? It is KILLING me! On every sign I walk past in the city, on every bus that drives past me and in every newspaper or magazine I read, I see the ad below.

‘Where in the world would you rather be?’ it asks. Well nowhere of course! I want to be there on that very boat with the sun on my back and a cocktail in my hand. Where I don’t want to be is walking the streets of dreary Sydney having my satin shoes ruined by the torrential rain.

I know I’ve blogged before about how much I like the rain. But I like it when it rains…and then… stops. And then the sun shines. This continually horrid, grey, miserable winter is really getting me down. I feel like I am in desperate need of some sunshine. I am CRAVING it. I have struggled this week to stop day dreaming about a summer holiday.The Hamilton Island campaign is not helping.  My parents have been there and loved it. But I’m obviously the new target market because I’ve been exposed to all elements of the campaign’s media mix. Which means I simply have to go there.

There’s a few other islands I’ve dreamed about over the past few days too. These are:

Hayman Island
It’s not far away from Hamilton Island so maybe I could fit them both into the same trip? Hayman is the most luxurious of all the Whitsunday Islands and I certainly fancy the idea of floating around in this pool while I gaze at the ocean. Ah, the epitome of holiday indulgence.


Everyone keeps telling me how wonderful it is. Leigh loved it, Roz loved it, Mel and Jay loved it. I want to go. Look how happy Jay & Mel look on their Fiji holiday. Am I jealous? Hell yes!

Lord Howe Island
You know how sometimes somebody will tell you one little thing about a place and it stays in your memory for ever? Or maybe that’s just me. 
Leigh went to Lord Howe years and years ago. And I remember her saying that because the speed limit for cars on the island is only 25km, most people just ride bikes. And every since then I’ve really wanted to go. I don’t actually like riding bikes so I’m not sure why this place appeals to me but I guess it probably has something to do with the slow pace of life.

Norfolk Island
There’s so many things that interest me about this island. It seems kind of mysterious. And again, everyone I know that’s been there has loved it. Well, my sample size consists of only four people. But read this description from their home page and tell me you don’t want to get your butt on the very next flight:

“Welcome to our world. Where you can be as laid back (or busy) as you want to be. Where the only fast food is pulled fresh from soil or sea. Where there are no traffic lights. Where you can still park your car with the keys in the ignition. Time moves slowly here. Elegant convict-built Georgian buildings are still in daily use and have been nominated for World Heritage listing. Ours is an island of unspoiled natural beauty, where we tread lightly upon the earth. We are a unique people, descendants of the famous Bounty mutineers. We speak our own special language, and will welcome you in our own unique way. How do you get here? Norfolk Island is just a short flight from Australia and New Zealand, so don’t delay. Experience a holiday so relaxing, it will permeate every fibre of your being. Welcome to the World of Norfolk. Welcome back to earth.”

 And plus, I just really want to see this big cabbage.


I’ve been before with my parents and I know that Ian would love it. We want to road trip around later in the year. A road trip + time alone with my darling + an island (of sorts) = a most fabulous holiday!

3 thoughts on “Vitamin D deficient

  1. I think that you and Ian DESERVE a holiday and should hurry up and book one. At the moment, you are living to work, not working to live. which isnt a good place to be at.
    You mentioned that your parentals loved Hamilton Is. Jay & I are of the opposite thinking – we hated it. Our experience was that it’s over-developed, full of snotty yachting people, everything is mega expensive (and you know that I dont mind paying for quality, so that gives you an idea how over priced everything is), there is no real beaches and there are…wait for it…Stonefish. I was about 2cm from stepping on one and then we saw about 5 others once we were tuned in to the little bastards. your toast if you if you step on them! obviously if you go and stay at Qualia you’ll have no issues, but we stayed at the Hamilton Island Resort and it was bogus.
    other than all that purge of negativity, you should take a nice break in the sun and top up your vitamin D!!! what about Airlie Beach or Daydream or Beddara (Lindy had her honeymoon there) or Lizard or even Port Douglas! xox

  2. Beautiful pics neen! Makes me want a holiday!! I was thinking bout my lack of vit d the other day. Felt like lying out in the sun naked, except that I am too closed in by neighbours! Oh to live on a private property like someone else we know!!

  3. Yes actually I remember Mum and Dad saying that they couldn’t actually swim in the ocean there. But they still had a great time going out on yachts and stuff and swimming in the pools at the resort.

    I shall have to do further research. But at least now when I walk past the ads that ask ‘Where in the world would you rather be’? I can say to myself – ‘anywhere there aren’t stonefish’!

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