Pointing out the obvious

Some things just never occur to me.

A few months ago, driving along the F3, I suddenly realised that I had meant for Ian to be the passenger instead of me so that he could blue tooth my phone through the stereo. I said this to him, commenting that I’d meant to ask him to do it for about six months. And he asked me a perfectly legitimate question. ‘Did it ever occur to you to try and do it yourself’? And you know what, it simply hadn’t.

Then a couple of weeks ago, after observing my friend Melly interact with her bestie Grace, I felt sad that one of my best friends now lives in Melbourne. And when I mentioned this to Donna a couple of days later she asked, ‘Well why don’t you just book a flight down to Melbourne and visit?’. Hmmm. Why hadn’t I thought of that?

Last week I was cleaning up the kitchen and I made a comment to Ian about how the only thing I don’t like about my cupcake cookie jar is that it’s really hard to get it dry after you’ve washed it out. It has this lip on the inside where the water sits and after I wash it I have to keep turning it for the next week in all sorts of weird positions so it dries out. And Ian watched me do this for awhile and then asked me ‘Have you ever dried it with a tea towel?’ We never actually dry dishes in our house so I just looked at him. And then thought to myself – after all the years I’ve had this, not once has it occurred to me that I could dry it in five seconds and be done with it.

There is absolutely no moral to this story whatsoever. But am I a happier person because my phone is bluetoothed, I’m flying to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and I now have a dry cookie jar? Why yes, I most certainly am.