Munchkin land

A few years ago, it felt like everyone in my world was getting married. I spent many a Saturday morning at the Myer Bridal Registry.

Now of course it’s all about babies and my shopping trips to Myer have shifted to the children’s department.

My family and friends have seriously good looking children! And I am besotted with each and every one of them. The main reason that Ian and I check facebook these days is because we want to see all the new photos of the kiddies in our world.

I thought I’d do a bit of an ode to the munchkins here in blog land where it’s much more private than professing my love on facebook (and then getting branded as a clucky wanna be Mum which I really, really hate).

So, in order of age:

My wonderful nephews and nieces

Keldon, Ethan & Sage

David and Leigh’s three extremely well behaved children are Keldon, Ethan and Sage. In this photo from David and Leigh’s wedding they look highly cute and just a tad crazy! I love these kids because they are the epitome of good manners, they’re really smart and absolute book worms!

When Ian and I have children one day we are sending them to Uncle David and Aunty Leigh for lessons in good behaviour.

Keldon, Ethan and Sage

Thane and Drew

These two are Ian’s sister’s boys and we love them to bits. They call us the N00b and N00bess and we call them our N00blets.

I don’t think I’ve ever met two more rambunctious children in all my life. After time with Thane and Drew, Ian and I usually feel exhausted, highly amused and slightly deaf! If I need a hearing aid later in life I will insist that the boys pay for it!

Uncle E & Thaney



My cousin’s children


Clinton has an adorable little munchkin named Elliot and he cracks me up. He talks non stop but makes no sense at all. He’s animated, cheerful and best of all – tidy! His Mother Kelly always tells me about how he neatens up his toys and tries to help her clean the house. This is my kind of boy! He’s also fallen asleep in my lap a few times and has cried when I’ve tried to leave. I think this means we have a special bond and I like that!

Clint & Elliot

Lucas George

The youngest Shamley man and he who shall carry our family name forward into the next generation! Lucas has the skinniest little legs and the most gorgeous eyes! I love watching Amanda and Dom get right up in his face to tell him that they love him. He cracks the biggest smiles in town. I love him!

Lucas George

The babies of our besties

Lucas Sporle

This is Donna and Gavin’s little boy Lucas who loves planes and dogs. He does the cutest little thing when he sees a dog – he crouches down almost to the ground and runs towards it trying to get down their level. He doesn’t realise yet that they are usually taller than him. Lucas also like squishy balls that light up and to chase Donna around the garden!


Jesse Dean

Jesse man has gorgeous chubby cheeks and such a happy face! Geoff and Amber have certainly produced a snug bug. Even though I don’t see him that often, Jesse will still snuggle into my shoulder when I pick him up and it makes my heart melt.



It was about time that someone had a girl. This photo of Tim, Juanita and their daughter Mabel makes me cry every time I look at it. It’s such a beautiful photo, they look so besotted with their child and so at peace and I just love it! Mabel is about 5 months now and still has the most beautiful bald head. Everytime I ask Juaneets how Miss Mabel is she says ‘Beautiful. I’m in love with her’. And it warms the cockerels of my heart to hear it.

Tim, Juaneets & Amabel

Cooper K

This little man should be a child model. He is so very, very gorgeous, just like his Mummy! Ian is particularly besotted with Cooper and I think it’s because it’s one of his best friend’s sons. He still can’t quite seem to believe that Josh and Kelly are parents. Every now and again he’ll bust out with a random ‘OH MY GOSH, Kinghorn is a Dad!’ Cooper is about 4 months now so I’m not sure how much longer it will take for him to accept this.  I think it’s cute. And I think Cooper is SUPER cute.


And the new kid on the block, Amelia Grace.

Lisa and Scott had Amelia Grace just a couple of weeks ago. She is the tiniest baby! Lisa is already a chilled out, comfortable parent and as a result, Amelia is an easy, happy baby. Lisa is one of my most precious friends and I loved that she shared all the details of her pregnancy with me. It was quite special. For some reason, seeing her with a baby made me highly emotional. I think it’s because I know how very much she wanted her.

Lisa & Amelia Grace

And who will be next? My bet is on my cousin Roz!