Confessions of a dumpling fanatic

Is there anything more satisfying than a well made Asian dumpling? I don’t really think so.

Yesterday, to both my delight and dismay, I discovered the existence of the perfect dumpling cookbook. 

I was delighted because on the one hand it means that my quest for the perfect book is now over. Within five days, it will be delivered to my door courtesy of

However I also feel dismayed because I myself had planned to fill the void in the dumpling cook book market by writing the perfect book myself. 

Some people dream of producing a novel that wins the Nobel Prize for Literature. I on the other hand had been dreaming that my dumpling cook book would sell millions of copies and be used by dumpling chefs worldwide.

I had even planned to co author the book with Ian and give him a whole section (at the back) where he could put the recipes for his nausea invoking Australian dumplings.

But Andrea Nguyen beat me to it.  And it helps that she’s Asian. Kind of gives her credibility in the dumpling world.

While I’ve certainly chased down my fair share of dumpling trolleys, Andrea spent her childhood actually making hundreds of dumplings rather than growing up simply eating hundreds of dumplings.

So I guess for now I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I have FINALLY found someone, who like me, also lives in fear of dumpling scarcity and therefore needs to become an expert in making their own.

Look forward to dumpling party invitations soon!


Ah…I shall never tire of these delightful morsels!

 “Dumplings make people smile. At their core, they are fun, uncomplicated, wonderfully satisfying foods that can be enjoyed with a crowd or savoured in solitude. They’re reminders of good times – preparing them for family, noshing on them with friends or queuing up for them with great anticipation. They never fail to please the palate.” Andrea Nguyen