First page dread

This morning on the train, I sat down next to a girl who was staring intently at the notebook in her lap. The notebook caught my eye because:

1) I have an intense love for beautiful notebooks

2) I particularly adore anything leather bound

3) It was red. And I love anything red. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her open it and I could see that she hadn’t written anything in it yet.

All the way from Town Hall to Strathfield, she caressed the cover, she sniffed the pages, she stared lovingly at it. I started to think I was sitting next to my new soul mate.  This is exactly what I do with any new book.

I kept watching as she took out her pen, reopened to the first page and stared.

And stared. And stared.

And then I realised that what I was observing was First Page Dread. 

Just like me when I have a brand new notebook, the random train girl also felt she needed to write something special on that first page. Something important. Something profound. But she didn’t know what that should be.

The first entry in a new blog is kind of the same as the first entry in a new note book.

Weeks ago I set up my masthead, thought of a name….and then stared at the page, wondering what to write about. The first entry feels like it needs to be about profound things. But then again, this blog is called The Random Musings of Neen, not The Profound Musings of Neen.

Sometimes you just have to get on with it. Mark the page. Start using the book. There’s no point in having a gorgeous new notebook if you never plan to write anything at all. Same with a blog.

So here we are. I’ve marked the first page and written my first random musing. Now I can continue with all the other pages which I’m sure won’t bring the same level of dread.

Hopefully that random train girl has marked her first page now too.

2 thoughts on “First page dread

  1. Oh so well done neen! Very impressed that u have made a move to do this! I might be (not so hot!) on ur heels! I wonder what traingirl ended up writing! I know exactly what u mean bout delighting in new beautiful notebooks et al, although I don’t think I could make my first mark while on the train…don’t want first page to look messy if the train lurches! Look forward to more musing!

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